viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

El creador de 'House' habla: Cameron&Chase fans no querrán leerlo

House" no regresará a la pequeña pantalla hasta el 28 de April 28, pero uno de sus creadores ha concedido una entrevista para contarnos algunas curosidades.

En la entrevista dio contestación a los “House” fans que no están nada contentos por la pocas coutas de pantalla que Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer) durante toda la 4ª temporada.

*Waring Spoilers*

Esta es la declaracion oficial:

Shore said there are no immediate plans for either doctor to rejoin House’s team, and he added that putting Cameron and Chase back in the forefront is not necessarily “what the show needs.” Though they may get a little more attention in the next round of episodes (they’d had little or no screen time some weeks), the show will still have a large cast of characters to deal with.

“Cameron and Chase are certainly not on screen as much as they used to be, but the stuff they’re doing, I think, takes on a different weight and a greater weight,” Shore said.

“I’m going to say something your readers aren’t going to like, but as someone running a television show, you have to be very careful – people think they want something and they do want something, but it’s not what they need, shall we say, and it’s not what the show needs,” Shore said later in the interview. “It’s great that they like those characters. … You want people to want more of things. You have to be careful on what you deliver.”

I asked Shore if any cast members would be leaving the show, but he was cagey on the topic, and would only say that something “pretty significant” happens in the two-parter that closes out the season.

Basicamente Shore echa balones fuera y dice que lo que los fans quieren no tiene que ser lo que la serie necesita, pero que estos personajes tendran mas peso en los ultimos episodios de esta temporada. Cuando se le pregunta si alguno de los actores dejará este año la serie, simplemente responde que "algo significativo" pasara en el doble episodio final de la temporada...

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