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Patrick Dempsey: Interview in Spanish Magazine

Everybody thinks that you are irlandes: yeah but it is not certain. I bord in Maine and I lived in a very near locality where I went to the institute.

was he a good student? I had many problems of small. They tested many to me alarmed by the disaster of results that obtenia in my examenes, and in the end a professor descubrio who was dislexico.

Frame you that discovery?yes, I cannot deny it I take much in reading the scripts, but soon the memorize and without problems.

When you make your debut like actor? With fifteen years, in a comedy for a catolic school.

In 1990 worked with his first woman: indeed she, rocky Parker, tapeworm 48 years and I 21, we was married 7 years. in 1994 we separated

They say that it was a time without work and you had depression. Not exactly, but if it asked to me, because they do not contract to me? so ugly I am?

It is truth that its secret vocation is to be model? Something of that has. It enchants the clothes to me. The last year I did of model next to Ellen (Pompeo) and I enchant myself.

And that type of sports it likes to practice? I consider good skier. Also they enchant the cars to me, mainly the old models. the speed goes to me and I have even participated in some races, although last I do not accelerate too much because I do not want to finish in the hospital where my personage works.

Some hobbies? malabares. Also I like to recover houses and to remodeling the furniture.

Something that is not known of you. I believe that very little people know that I was producing executive of the Super series Mario Bros.

It even has left many dreams? My serious dream to appear in one film whose script deals with the subject the world-wide championship of sky.

Is certain the famous anecdote of the airplane? Yes, it were in an airplane and when it lacked little to take off, to a man it gave an attack him to the heart. The stewardess I ask if habia any doctor present and all the passengers to me remained watching, hoping that I said something. it passes it badly then because people do not notice that I am an actor whom interprets to a doctor and not to the misfortune.

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Interview to Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane for the Pais newspaper

Here the traslate article:

Doubts in the waiting room

Ellen Pompeo and the Erics Dane, two of the protagonists of medical the drama ' Anatomy of Grey', speak in the goodbye of the third season of the series in Four and Fox The theoreticians of the sort call it to cliffhanger. They are those surprises that, at the end of the season of a series, cause the sense of expectancy of the hearing until new episodes arrive. Two circumstances - good and a other bad one allows to guess how this week takes leave Greys Anatomy (in Spain of course)

The good one is that next year no longer will be Kate Walsh because march to carry out its own show, from the character who has given fame her in this one, gynecologist Addison Montgomery-Shepherd. The bad one is that also inflict losseses Isaac Washington, doctor Preston Burke, of that the relation took control despues untenable of which it called "faggot" to a companion of distribution T.R. Knight (George O´Malley)...

The exit of scene of Addison leaves fria to the Meredith Grey resident , with that throughout many episodes had to fight by the favors of neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) its husband of roundtrip. "I doubt that now the problem is Addison. The preoccupations that have Derek and Meredith now are different ", maintains Ellen Pompeo, the actress whom it interprets to this last one. And the doubts cannot finish on their relation that assault to them alternatively "so that the series continue". It either does not seem to trouble the exito of Montgomery doctor to his ex--loving Mark Sloan (Eric Dane). "As no longer this Kate I remain unmarried, with many ways to explore, Mainly by the character so promiscuo of my personage... is consoled Dane.

When it is asked for Isaiah Washington, the gesture is turned. "I cannot comment out on that situation", settles Pompeo in its encounter with " El Pais newspaper" in London, where it is of promotion tour before the beginning of the running of new chapters of Anatomy... Dane fits the question with but self-confidence: "doctors Burke and Sloan did not work much together safe to end of the season" That is, that is not that it is going it to throw in lack.

It will be necessary that enters new elements of distorsion next season? "In my main case to have to arrive from outside the hospital, because it is not left anybody inside with that... it has not connected", Dane speculates..

In the case of her, it knows that its destiny this into the hands of the scriptwriters: "Sometimes he is frustante. I say Because to haria Mer this.. but if they write it is for some reason, asi that I let to them do his and I do mio ". "I do not have control some on which it is going to happen", Pompeo continues, and, if I am only created expectations I am going to disappoint ".

The future of Mer, Sloan and the rest of its companions it does not belong to them, but if its past, if one occurs by good the word of the executive producers, that chose first a the actors and soon they went giving form to the paper of each one based on its characteristics.

Yes it seems to be certain when observing Ellen Pompeo seated in the suite of a hotel of design of so extremely thin and fragile London, laughing nervous and obstinate to an enormous ring of commitment to which it does not stop to give returns, while "it is defended" of the questions of this journalist..and also it is left patent which Dane has given Sloan. The scriptwriters "have learned what is able to make my personage, the amoral thing who can get to be". Next "has seen that it gets rid better than the rest of bad rolls, and that must to the actor who interprets it". So, without complexes, like their personage, of whom emphasizes that he is shameless, mordacious and with certain lack of repentance ". I call honesty, but others prefer to think that it is an arrogant cocoon ", jokes Dane

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Ellen in the cover of YO DONNA (Spanish Magazine)

IN COVER: Meredith Congregation, the popular doctor of ' Anatomy of Grey', is in the real life Ellen Pompeo, an actress who accepts the human imperfections

I ask it if it likes this, the promotion, the interviews... And she doesn´t doubt in the answer: "It is part of my work. In addition, I believe that it is good for having the occasion to verify as paises works the series in others countries.

She tells me that his first interview was after the opening of "the Commitment" where compartia poster with Dustin Hoffman, Susan Sarandon and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The popular actress assures that never wanted to be doctor, small not even, and, ademas, that gives to much disgust the blood him. But she knows that she must his fame to him to the personage of a young doctor who fights to lay way like surgeon.

She says that it likes that the protagonists of the series are not perfect. "In the real life, the perfect beings do not exist, and is good that in the fiction the people show their defects" I am glad to interpret to anybody with the character of Meredith

As she is she the one that speech of imperfections I ask to her for the small scar of its superior lip. As became it? Frunce a little the frown and, after smile answer: "it is not a scar, is a birth spot. It takes here all my life, do that almost I do not remember her "

It comments to me that it interests the fashion to her, "although single until certain point. Of course I pleases to wear pretty dresses but I prefer to put a jeans." To follow the tendencies is not my main preoccupation " We spoke of its interpretation: "What but I like of my personage it is that she is very good friend. Pompeo to declared several times that the supposed promismicuidad of its personage does not approve.

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Ellen Pompeo en Another Spanish Magazine

The Magazine called TV MAS and there are two fabulous pictures

"It costs much to understand a Mer to me"

She is thin, attractive and it enchants his work to him, but unlike its personage, Ellen Pompeo overflows personal style and security. Little it has in common with the of AG, so aunforseeable doctor of AG, so and as it tells us, in exclusive right in this interview:

"I Thought that after the return to the life and of to have undergone so much and with its died mother, exchange much but safe she and but to be decided, but she did not do it. perhaps in the fourth season she obtains "says it the actress

Ellen affirms that it does not worry to him what people think about the show. "Only I worry to make well my work". But that sometimes it is not easy to come off itself his personage, "there are feelings that go with you despues. but attempt not to torment to me like M". When I arrive at house and I am so tired that I go away directly to the bed. Simply to have few free hours wakes up already me makes happy"

Mer takes to the last name of their mother, the illustrious surgeon Ellice Grey that also work in the hospital and with which the protagonist has had always one horrible relation "is nothing in common in this aspect because I did not have relation with my mother to compare it. Possibly and to look for a parallelism, if my mother had lived I have a good relacion with her " explains Ellen

And while fans wondered if Mer learned something about their relation with Derek, the actress affirms that she is not scared to bored to the hearing with this relation "because always it happens something different"

Mer could learn a few things of my. Emocionallity I am to years light of Mer. Sometimes costs much work to understand it to me ". And is necessary to indicate that the actress usually does not leave in a the show as attractive as she is in reality "We tried to reflect the real life. Nobody can believed the show if we are too glamorous" " I like to think to Me that the image of strong and intelligent women that prevails in the present series has to do with the reality. But it isn´t. I wish that in the developing countries the women discovered the powerful forts and that they can be "

Formulates of the show: combinacion of love, humor and medicine with certain tendency to culebron. "These are not my favorite elements of the show. Clear that Mer is not perfect and we tried to show that everybody commits errors. In our hospital the spectators feel like identified and near".

Engaged House Stars Prepare to Tie the Knot

House costars Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer got engaged over the holidays, but Spencer had been trying to propose for six months.

"She's just so frickin' smart, and I didn't want her to have any inkling that it was about to happen," Spencer, 28, tells the summer issue of InStyle Weddings. First he planned to pop the question on vacation in Costa Rica – but Morrison, 28, got sick. Then they went camping in Big Sur, but "We were freezing the whole time," Morrison says – not exactly romantic.

Finally, on a trip to Paris, Spencer took Morrison to the Eiffel tower, where he handed her a box containing a ring and said: "Veux-tu m'épouser?" There was just one problem: "I was like, 'Uh, what are you doing?' " Morrison says. "He said, 'I'm asking you to marry me in French!' I was just staring at him. I don't speak French. And he said, 'Well, are you going to answer?' And I replied, 'Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!' "

They will wed this year, although they won't reveal the date. But the 200-guest event will take place under a tent at a private L.A. estate, with Morrison wearing an empire-waist, dark ivory Elie Saab gown. The couple met in 2004 on their way to shoot the House pilot. At first they dated secretly, but after four months, they quietly told their suspicious castmates they were, in fact, an item. Working together and having a relationship hasn't been a problem. "It's nice to have your best friend with me every day," Morrison says. "He not only gets it, he's part of it."

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Katherine Heigl Photoshoot

House ends the season 3 in Spain...

and will happens with Cameron, Chase and Foreman for the next season???

Ellen and Patrick shot the last eppy of GA season 3

Patrick Dempsey is HOT for PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Ellen Pompeo @ Metropolitan Museum of Art

Katherine Heigl in the cover of GLAMOUR MAGAZINE

Ellen Pompeo at the Gay Price event

Ellen Pompeo at the Paris Fashion Week

Ellen is in the cover of a Spanish Magazine Supertele

Ellen is in the cover of a Spanish Magazine because in Spain will see the last two eppys of GA in the following week..


Article (sorry for the bad traslacion)

While -"Si rested of the recordings do not offer interesting projects to me, I prefer to take vacations before to continue working", it says -, Ellen Pompeo had the amibility to receive to us in a hotel of London to make this exclusive interview in which allowed us to know it more thoroughly.

In what Anatomy of Grey' has changed to its life `?

Everybody me the question, and you do not believe either that it has changed too much to me. Simply, now much more I am occupied that before, and that yes, I try to take advantage of plus my hours of dream.

But I suppose that now they will recognize more by the street...

Yes, but that is very positive. I can go to and the calmly sure supermarket people approaches to me, but always, to say pretty things.

Has you much in common with the candy Meredith ? Luckyly, not (laughter). It would say that the only thing in common is that work as much, and so hard, as she.

And it has left time for its personal life? Yes, at least that attempt

What it likes to do in the little free space that it has left? To travel, to go to me more far possible of the U.S.A.. In addition, I collaborate with the ONG Life out Loud, an organization whom support to lesbian adolescents provides, bisexual, homosexual and transsexuals with identity problems.

Why so it is sensitized with this cause? A friend mine was put in the organization and he told histories me that affected much to me. Gais are chavales with which the people are cruel and to whom she does not understand anybody to them, they do not have with whom to speak.

Returning to its great liking, to travel. It would like to visit Spain? Clear that yes, to me it enchants to me to travel to any place. In fact, I was in Barcelona rolling a titled film masterful Blow.

It has made cinema, tv... it has cost to you to arrive where is? yes, it has not been easy. But I have to say that I have been very lucky. There are many girls who want to be actresses and is difficult that they give a paper you. In addition, they influence many factors that do not have anything to do with the interpretation.

You come from Boston, is very different the life in Hollywood? He does not have anything to do. In fact, everything is different in Hollywood. But I like to live in the L.A, who are a calm and very comfortable place.

All the girls are wishing to know how she is to work with Patrick Dempsey...

He is horrible, an authentic sacrifice, but good, I will do it by you and I will record the fourth season (laughter). No, in serious, it is a pleasure, what I am going to say to you
At first, that personage of Patrick was going it to interpret Rob Lowe... Yes, I know it. The truth is that I do not know if had worked the series with other actors. The only thing that I can say is that we have casting that we have and we are contentments thus

Confess... who kisses better of all the distribution? Sandra Oh! (laughter). No, I do not know... but I have not kissed myself either with so many!

And what thinks of which they have thrown to Isaiah Washington? I prefer not to comment out no on the subject.

Between the team of actors, they take all real estate? We spent long time working together and, for example, when I announced my commitment, they brought a bottle to me of champán and we offered all. Yes which we celebrated birthday and those things in plató, but outside usually we never are.

Now which it mentions the one of his wedding, tell us... Yes, I marry. Still I do not know when, but we want that it is soon. We want a quite intimate ceremony and with little people, I am not of the women who dream about a great wedding.

His fiancè is famous? No. He is called Chris Ivery and he is a producing musical comedy, but it does not like to be the attention center. He hates the fame, so I try to respect it and to maintain it to the margin.

In many means, its thinness has commented... Yes, and he is something that seems to me very vulgar. We are going to see, I I have been, always thus thin by nature. That does not mean that it undergoes a nutritional upheaval. The mass media do not realize damage that can make people. There are that way many children who want to be like I and, if the image is occurring of which I have anorexy or bulimia, what message is commanding to them? that to be as I they must let eat? It is a serious subject, and would have to think before putting itself to speak.

To Ellen Pompeo it costs to him to assume the critics? When you are actress, you are exposed to that. They are always going to say something of you: they will think on how you interpret your personage, on the man with whom salts... It is inevitable.

In order to finish, which are their favourite programs? I liked Soprano and South Park, and I see the news of the BBC