martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Jennifer Morrison habla de "su salida" de House

Appearing at the Star Trek DVD launch party in Hollywood this evening, Morrison confessed to that even she was a little puzzled by her sudden exit. “I find the entire situation sort of confusing,” she said.

Although House execs David Shore and Katie Jacobs have said they are leaving the door open for Cameron to resurface at some point, Morrison said she had no news to share on that front. In fact, she had very little information to share at all, other than the fact that she is being paid for the remainder of the season. “I don’t know anything about anything,” she said. “That’s the thing. Everyone expects me to have an answer and there’s no answer to have because there’s… no answer.”

Emotionally speaking, Morrison said she hasn’t “packed [Cameron] away” yet.

“I love our writers,” she added. “I think David Shore is incredibly talented. All of the characters he’s created I’ve loved. I think he’s very committed to keeping the characters’ stories authentic.”

Asked whether she felt her own storyline felt authentic, Morrison said, “I’m not writing the show but I do think that [David] is an authentic writer.”

Morrison said she’s been comforted by the enormous outpouring of support from fans in the wake of her House dismissal. “I love the fans,” she enthused. “Honestly, I have to say one of the most amazing things that’s come out of this job is how incredible the fans have been and how supportive they’ve been. I never could have imagined asking for a more amazing group of people and I’m so thankful for their support.”


Basicamente la actriz ha quedao la mar de elegante diciendo que aun esta asimilando su marcha, xq toda la situación en si fue un poco confusa.. .. pero aun asi no tiene problemas en decir que David Shore es un fantastico guionista y escritor.

también afirmó que a pesar de que se ha dicho que las puertas para su personaje están abiertas ella no tiene noticias de que vaya a volver asi que no puede responder a lo que no sabe.

por último agradece a su grupo de fans por su magnifico apoyo (y su cabreo contra los directivos de la serie) que le mostraron cuando se anunció su despido

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